The COOLest gadget for a beer ;)






This is SO COOL!!!


I don’t have enough eyes to look at this 🙂 I will show you some of my points of view over Corkcicle!
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The COOLest gadget for a beer 😉 | Wife, Mom and Latina!! – MEGA 94.9 FM – El Sonido Joven.

Naples.. Such A Beautiful Place!

Naples.. Such A Beautiful Place!

Last Weekend (after spending the morning with my daddy and the rest of the family) my girls, hubby and I left town to spend a couple of days together in Naples (like a Father’s Day weekend getaway :)))

We had an incredible time!!! And as many of you might know already I am crazy about photography! I take my camera everywhere hehehe

So folow the link to see few of the pics I took 🙂 Let me know what you think!!